Warehouse and Distribution

Selecting and Implementing a WMS

An efficient WMS is a must for any distribution company. We can help you select and implement the right one for your specific business and operations model. Selecting the wrong one can cost you thousands or even hundreds of thousands of dollars, with little or no additional payback.

Inventory Control

All of the areas within a distribution center (DC) that move or record product will impact your inventory. Do you have adequate controls in place? Do you have a locator system? Are you experiencing high levels of shrink?
Our experts can implement simple, inexpensive methods of controlling product movement that will save you significant amounts of money.

Standards for All Operations / Incentive Programs

Do your workers know exactly what is expected of them? We can help you develop and enforce standards and incentive programs to drive employee satisfaction, improve worker productivity and drive savings to your bottom line.We’ll ensure that your DC incentive program is executed in a manner that benefits both you and your employees and improves productivity without sacrificing quality or safety.

Process Mapping and Improvement

From receipt of goods and supplies to put-away, to replenishment, selection and loading—The B Line Services will help you map your processes to determine the areas of operational improvement.
We will use Lean principles to determine any inefficiencies and bring your business to its operational peak.