Routing and Optimization for Outbound Deliveries

Your business needs a routing solution, but does it need a tier one solution to drive profitability? We’ll help you choose the right one for your operation. Our preferred , optimization software ensures you are right-sized—in assets, drivers and route layout.

On Board Computer Systems

On board computers are essential for tracking assets, loads and drivers and for reviewing driver behavior for your private or dedicated fleet. Driver behavior can cost you at least 1 MPG! TBLS will help you choose the best system for your overall approach to transportation management.

Activity-Based Pay

Stop paying your drivers by the hour and start an activity-based pay system. We can help you put more money to your bottom line and at the same time have your drivers earn more money.

Dispatch Systems

Most tier one TMS solutions do not offer a dispatch solution. We know exactly what’s on the market and will help you find the best one for an integrated solution. The right dispatch system will allow you to: Manage your leads electronically; Match assets to drivers; Tender to and track third-party loads; Manage payroll and payments to carriers all in one place.

Backhaul Programs

The B Line Solutions can increase your number of revenue-producing miles by: Setting you up to haul freight for other companies; Giving you control of your inbound product flow; Partnering you with brokers to fill your trucks.

Right-Sizing Your Fleet

How many and what types of trucks should you have? How many drivers? We will run optimization programs and show you how to best utilize these assets. This is especially important now as the driver shortage continues.

Green Initiatives/Sustainability

From APUs to super singles, we can help your company become greener by those physical changes and: Tracking your drivers’ behavior and Showing you how to become a SmartWay partner

Transportation Management

Organizational structure, CSA 2010, Equipment Selection, Reducing Inbound Freight Costs – anything for your transportation needs, we can help you to drive savings to your bottom line!